Follow up on the latest improvements and updates.


When we figured that JS and CSS are 2nd and 3rd most popular files delivered via Gumlet, we decided to do something about it.
Today we are launching the ability to automatically minify JS and CSS files. It's already enabled for all customers for FREE!
New Website (& blogs) 📜
New Pricing 💲
Video Channels 📺
Player Customisations 🖍️
Vimeo, Google Drive and Dropbox Imports 📦
And a lot more in our Monsoon Update
We have added support for upcoming image format JPEG-XL
Apple is introducing support in iOS 17 and macOS Sonoma and all Gumlet customers have JPEG-XL enabled by default at no extra charge.
Best product features are raining here at Gumlet.
🔥 Instant Transcoding
🍩 New Dashboard for Insights
🛠 Video Tools
⏰ Alerts and Reports
🔐 Encryption at Rest
💬 Add Subtitles without Transcoding
Read in depth on our product launch blog.
We have enabled HTTP/3 for all of our customers at start of April. Our performance measurement shows that it improved p75, p95 and p99 response times by 10% ⚡️
We have switched all of our customers to BBR congestion control.
This gives 2-6% performance improvement on fast networks but improves request times by upto 20% on lossy networks.
When you embed videos using our embed code, the player now supports resuming videos form the moment users last left.
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