As the folders were converted into playlists, I had to rearrange some content. Clips from ten folders were consolidated into one playlist.
The context menu tool for moving is labelled "Add to Playlist". This creates a new link and does not delete the old one: it is therefore a copy process, not a move.
So the links to the video in folders / playlists that I want to delete remain. When deleting, I found it problematic that it was not transparent what would happen next: Do I now only delete a folder with a file link that is no longer needed - or is the video now deleted?
Since there is no Undo, and it takes some effort to restore the assets (re-upload, create a new description, tag and embed at usage locations), Gumlet should give very precise feedback on what "delete" means.
Gumlet should have two distinct commands in the context menu:
⬝ Move to Playlist
⬝ Copy to Playlist
The current setup leads to extra work (clean up in source folders) and uncertainty as to what the step will do.